Dumonde Tech PRO X Freehub Grease


Dumonde Tech PRO X Freehub Grease


PRO X just upped the ante of being the best bicycle lubricants in the industry.

PRO X Freehub Grease performs in a broad temperature range from the summers heat to the extreme cold temperatures. “Flow Point” of PRO X Freehub Grease is -30F / -34C degrees

PRO X Freehub Grease, using our MRCC Micro Resistant Complex Compounds, is specifically designed for all freehubs that require a very light weight grease. Non-pawl freehubs recommend a grease to stay in the mechanisms moving parts. Oils generally are to thin and will move away from moving parts leaving them exposed to wear and malfunction due to lack of lubrication.

PRO X Freehub Grease performs in a broad temperature range from the summers heat to the extreme cold temperatures. “Pour Point” of PRO X Freehub Grease is -30F / -34C degrees.

PRO X Freehub Grease works exceptional in hubs that share lubrication between the freehub and wheel bearings.

Follow the manufacture’s specification for the volume required in your freehub body to experience the superior performance of Dumonde Tech’s PRO X Freehub Grease.

Our MRCC Micro Resistant Complex Compounds have been in development for over 10 years by Dumonde Tech Design Group. MRCC technology provides premium lubrication by reducing friction better than other lubricants. Lighter viscosity while maintaining high protection. The increase in adhesion creates higher film strength. Originally developed for our Motorsports lubrication’s, MRCC, is incorporated into our revolutionary PRO X bicycle lubricants. Everyone who has tested or raced using PRO X, report that its performance is significantly better then any other lube they have ever used.


– Performs in cold conditions. Ideal for Snow Bikes
– Reduces resistance
– Reduces watts used.
No shipping restrictions, can be sent any where in the world by air or ground.
– No VOC’s.

ProX Freehub Grease is the best alternative for Shimano’s Nexus Grease for their Internal Gear Hubs.

Here is a great explanation from a customer: Instagram

Our Freehub Grease is Exclusively used by: Industry 9 “Legacy”, “Hydra” and “101” hubs and Stan’s NoTubesErase Components, Hermes Sport and Hawk Racing.

Used, endorsed and/or recommended byWe Are One Composits, Crank Brothers, Ritchey Design and Paul ComponentsCampagnolo North America recommends our Freehub Grease as an alternative to their lb-100 Grease as it is no longer available in North America. Our Freehub Grease is a proven replacement for any hub or wheel companies grease.

Cross over applications: Cable lubricant. Headset bearing. Wheel bearing lubricant in sub-freezing temperatures.

NOTE: With all greases, some oil bleed is normal. Stir as needed.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in


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