QuikLoop PWC Bow Eye Tow Loop


QuikLoop PWC Bow Eye Tow Loop


The QuikLoop Bow Eye Tow Loop was designed for all PWC which have a bow eye for easy attachment from rescue personnel on the water to latch on with little effort.

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1999 it was requested by some IJSBA officials to have a device on the front of a PWC / Jetski  that maintained an open loop.   This need was specifically for Race Course Safety Crew to able to quickly hook onto a boat that was either disabled, or the rider has fallen off and now separated from the PWC. The common use of a rope or twin, cable ties, because of the small diameter of the bow eye was not acceptable. The need to quickly clip on and tow the PWC while bouncing around in a corner of the course balancing yourself on the PWC trying to hold the riderless or disabled PWC with one hand, attempting to clip a tow rope to what ever this PWC have is challenging. The design of the QuikLoop maintains and open loop allows the Safety Crew to ride up with a single hand clip on to the QuikLoop and ride away with the PWC in tow. Working closely with key officials, AWD developed the optimal solution – the PWC QuikLoop.

The AWD Products QuikLoop was introduced for closed course racing  season in 2000 and was received with high acclaim.  Regional Race Directors across the country and officials at the 2000 IJSBA World Finals used our QuikLoop and loved the product solution. AWD Products QuikLoop has been the choice at the IJSBA World Finals since the beginning. Now used around the world at many closed course, freestyle and surf riding events. Endorsed by K38 Water Rescue


Not to be used as a tie down location while trailering!

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