TRUE BLUE Suppressor Syrup


TRUE BLUE Suppressor Syrup


TRUE BLUE Suppressor Syrup is a one of a kind product to the firearms industry that cannot be replicated by any other brand.


  • Has the ability to reduce carbon bonding to the suppressor internals for easier cleaning.
  • Eliminates Carbon Lock

The purpose of the product is to keep carbon from bonding to the internals surfaces of  suppressors and components especially starting with a new suppressor. The polymerizing plating ability of Suppressor Syrup will leave a coating that survives the heat.

This is NOT a one time application. Proper maintenance and inspection is required as per the suppressor manufacturer. Cleaning the areas Suppressor Syrup is applied to and re-applying is key!!


    • Suppressor Internals
    • Compensator
    • Suppressor Barrel Mount
    • Modular Suppressor Threads
    • Shot gun Choke Tube
    • Muzzle Break
    • Threads
    • Flashlight Lens
    • Any high carbon area

Q & A

Question: How many rounds before re-applying?

Answer: There are many variables to give specific numbers. Brand, type and caliber of ammo and suppressor design are factors. Inspecting your suppressor will give you the needed information. As we continue obtain more feed back, we may start obtaining round counts before suggested re-applying is needed.

How to Apply:

Serviceable Suppressor: Disassemble, apply a lite coating to all internal surfaces and threads with a brush. Re-assemble, install on the mount and fire away as usual.

Sealed Suppressor: again, depends on the size of the can, drip 5-10 drops in the barrel end of the suppressor, install, safely shot 2-3 rounds. Look to see if the exit hole is wet. If dry, apply and repeat.

We fully understand rifle suppressors do not have interior carbon build up like pistol suppressor has. The pressure and heat rifles produce, this is traditionally where Carbon Lock comes in to play. Suppressor Syrup will eliminate carbon lock on barrel mount, modular suppressor threads, thread on end caps, muzzle breaks etc…… Occasional maintenance is recommended. Remove, clean, re-apply and assemble. A simple task made easier with Suppressor Syrup.

Urban Dictionary: True Blue – “the real thing, no bullshit”

Available in 2oz and 4oz

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in