BHP Chain Lubricant


BHP Chain Lubricant


Dumonde Tech BHP Chain Oil is an internationally recognized complex compound which increases the bhp (brake horse power) on vehicles using chain drive systems. Dumonde Tech BHP penetrates by migration and plates 100% of all the surfaces out side and inside. The unique formation of BHP reducing friction substantially at the contact point of o-rings and X-rings and at the chains surfaces. BHPs liquid formula once penetrated, turns to an extremely low coefficient plastic polymer which impregnates all pores of the inner chain surfaces protecting the chain against rust and corrosion for the life of the chain. BHP incorporates o-ring conditioners to keep o-rings pliable.

No paying for propellant (solvent and air) to apply to your chain like all other brands, then wipe off the over applied lube.

BHP Benefits:

  • Increased Break Horse Power
  • Increases drive train life
  • Does not attract dirt and grime when simply used correctly
  • Performance Proven

Your Challenge: Spin your wheel before applying for the first time and remember how few full rations you get. Apply BHP as instructed, ride your motocycle for a few laps on the track or several miles on the road and witness the wheel spins easier and has more rotations. Try again after 4 applications. Check other’s bikes to see how few rotation they have compared to your motorcycle, ATV, micro sprint and mini sprint cars. The proof there is less drag on your chain v. all other brands and more power to the wheel.

Availability: 4 oz and 8 oz.

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